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Alt Country band, Maze and Friends, led by progressive libertarian, radical christian/buddhist artist, Cassidy A. Maze (aka Maze) (cassidyamaze,com) rocking the free world at their first band rehearsal; getting ready for the groundbreaking tour, The Evolution Is Now, scheduling 2018/2019. Filmed by Crazy Gringo, Rehearsal Location: The Falcon, Marlboro, NY

"Maze's first single, “Freedom,” is somewhere between Tracy Chapman, Jackson Browne, and Bon Iver; an uplifting anthem that bobs and brims with reawakened innocence and infectious optimism." - Peter Aaron, Music Editor for Chronogram

"Freedom...a modern day plea to the best in all of starts as a quiet mandolin prayer then swells into a full scale technicolor singalong!" Paul Higgins, DJ for WKZE 98.1 FM

“You really get the feeling that it’s not just a music. It’s a movement, a way of life.” – NeeNee Rushie, The Big Takeover

The powerhouse band, Maze and Friends, includes guitarist Connor Kennedy (Amy Helm, Donald Fagen), reggae giants the Big Takeover, blues vocalist Alexis P. Suter, singer Lady Moon, indie folksters the Wiyos, the up and coming Package, introduces Maze’s own daughter, 7 year-old Louise Dharma Moon.







Maze performs "This Land is Our Land," her version of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land." Groundbreaking tour, The Evolution Is Now, scheduling for 2018/2019. 

Lizzie West performs her song, 19 Miles To Baghdad, blindfolded and solo at The Fez, 2004. 

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In 2001, Lizzie West signed to Warner Bros. Records.  WB released the EP West (2002) and the album Holy Road (2003). Much of the Lizzie West body of work was featured on the radio, and in film and TV shows around the globe.


In 2006, Appleseed Records released her next work, I Pledge Allegiance to Myself (2006). “19 Miles to Baghdad,” – West’s response to the American invasion of Iraq – was prominently featured on the Democracy Now! network.

In 2008, West came off the road to start a family and write new work. She spent the next decade raising her daughter, starting her boutique art farm, building her company,, conceiving of her new character, and producing her transmedia work,

Meanwhile, The Legend of Lizzie West (or the "Best Of West: Music, Movies, Art and Stories Published and Unpublished…"), continues to be compiled, edited, and packaged into a branded thumb drive for upcoming distribution.

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